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Say goodbye to the annual tax return. Say hello to APARI.

Making Tax Digital is changing how the self-employed and landlords must file their tax return. APARI is making these changes simpler and cheaper, so you can relax about tax.

Relax about tax
Stress about the mess
apari_checkmark Record income and expenses easily
apari_checkmark Real-time estimates of profit and tax
apari_checkmark Stay HMRC compliant
apari_Cross Pay unnecessary accountant fees
apari_Cross Stay on top of paper receipts and spreadsheets
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Making Tax Digital with APARI.
This is how it works.

Apari-Landingpage-Icons-04 1. Use APARI to keep digital records of your business income and expenses.
Apari-Landingpage-Icons-03 2. Sign up for MTD with HMRC when you're ready. Send a quarterly summary of your business income and expenses to HMRC.
Apari-Landingpage-Icons-01 3. Add other information and finalise taxes using APARI at the end of the year. No separate tax return needed!

Extra peace of mind with APARI Premium

Your free 12-month trial of APARI Premium gives you support from our in-house accountants via email and phone.

After the trial, you'll continue to have access to the free version of our MTD software.


Now, you may be wondering…

1. I'm not able to use Making Tax Digital yet. Can I still use APARI?

Yes, you can still use APARI to easily keep records of your income and expenses.

You'll be able to use the full MTD functionality as soon as you are ready.

2. Can I upload transactions from a spreadsheet into APARI?

Yes. You can continue to use your spreadsheet if you prefer.

You can upload your income and expenses into APARI and easily put this information into the categories needed for your taxes. 

3. Do I still need to file a tax return by 31 January 2021?

If you have a tax return due for the 2019-20 tax year, you still need to complete this as normal.

You can also use our 'Jellyfish' product to file your tax return directly from your digital records in APARI.

Claim your free 12-month trial of APARI Premium